Scott Armey

For Congress

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About Scott

Scott Armey is dedicated to defending the Constitution, our freedoms and our children.

He supports lower taxes, smaller government, free markets, closing and strengthening our borders, prioritizing and respecting our military and law enforcement, preserving our 2nd Amendment rights and protecting the right to life.

Cut Spending. Reduce the Debt.
Free the People.

The most persistent threat facing our nation is the $34 Trillion debt, and out-of-control spending. Congress is 100% responsible for this mess, and unfortunately, they are the only ones who can fix it. As your representative, I have the track record, the understanding of the task at hand, and the lifelong commitment to our conservative values to lead the fight for spending cuts and reducing the national debt.
U.S. National Debt
The current U.S. national debt:

The Current U.S National Debt