Cut Spending. Reduce the Debt.
Free the People.

The National Debt is more than $34,000,000,000,000 (Trillion), and the Federal Budget Deficit is approaching $2,000,000,000 000 (Trillion).  This is the most persistent threat facing our nation, and it was 100% created by the U.S. Congress.  You can watch the debt and deficit grow in real-time through this link – U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time (  

Only the U.S. Congress can fix the debt and budget deficit, and very few in Washington seem interested in the serious, focused work it will take solve this ever-expanding problem.  It has been more than twenty years since Congress actually reduced the Federal Debt, and it has ballooned ten-fold since then.  I witnessed first-hand the painstaking labor and effort it took to accomplish that reduction back then, and I know what it will take to begin that work anew.

Key actions to begin reversing course on the debt and out of control spending include:

  • Federal civilian hiring freeze and linking merit civilian pay increases to cost-cutting measures
  • Across the board 1% annual discretionary budget reductions for at least five years
  • Restoration of impoundment, line item veto and enhanced recission authority to the President
  • Eliminate all earmarks
  • Eliminate unnecessary and outdated Federal agencies and programs
  • Enact a Flat Tax and eliminate the IRS
  • End welfare and government funding for illegal aliens
  • End U.S. handouts to hostile and non-ally nations
  • Reverse the Biden Administration executive orders that are strangling industries and the economy
  • Repeal Federal regulations that impede innovation and the unlocking of American ingenuity and wealth
  • Prioritize Balanced Budget Amendment legislation

Secure our borders,
save innocent lives.

I am the only candidate who knows how to close and secure the border. In my seven years as regional administrator of the U.S. General Services Administration, part of my job was to secure and maintain border stations across Texas and New Mexico and ensure our border patrol agents has the equipment and resources they needed. While fighting the swamp from the inside, I secured 1,420 miles of our southern border. Border crossings were at their lowest levels… ever. And I’ll do it again!

Joe Biden’s intentional “No Borders” policy has created a crisis of human trafficking, terrorist threats, fentanyl and other drug epidemics, cartel lawlessness and an untold burden on American communities. The saddest part is that of all the “greatest threats” facing our nation, this one is the easiest to solve:

  • Finish the border wall, and establish an online tracker of the progress
  • Increase enforcement at border crossings, eliminate catch and release
  • Automatic deportation for criminal activity
  • Treat cartels as terrorist organizations
  • Revamp the legal immigration process streamline a merit-based system
  • Repair and update U.S. Border Stations to handle increased traffic when wall is completed
  • Improve and expand law enforcement tools and equipment for border patrol agents
  • Provide broader access to Federal contracts for local and state government purchasing
  • Restart Remain In Mexico Policy

I support a second term for President Trump, and here’s why…

When President Trump took office on January 20, 2017, the U.S. Congress should have had a dozen bills on his desk ready to sign into law.  But they just sat on their hands and did nothing to lead our country or support our president.  They were either unprepared or unwilling to act on our conservative vision, and it cost them in the 2018 mid-term election.

Every victory President Trump achieved, every promise to Conservatives that he kept, and there were many, he did with little or no support from Congress.  He faced unprecedented resistance from both the Left and the Right, and still delivered more Conservative policy victories than any president since Ronald Reagan.

President Trump always promised that he would cut spending and reduce the debt in his second term, and I believe he has earned the opportunity to do just that.  To keep that promise, the President must have not only support, but also action, from the U.S Congress.  Cutting spending and reducing the national debt is my top priority, and that is a second presidential term I would love to see.

As the Member of Congress from the Texas 26th District, I will work to ensure that we have a dozen bills ready for President Trump to sign into law on January 20, 2025, with most of them being spending cut bills.

i stand with israel

As the world witnessed the shocking October 7 attack on Israel by the Palestinian Islamist militant group Hamas, and have since learned the horrifying details of these evil events, we are once again painfully reminded of our solemn commitment to stand with Israel.  The United States must always remain resolute, steadfast and unwavering in our support and alliance with Israel.  There has never been, and will never be, a greater ally and friend to our nation than Israel, our destinies are intertwined by faith, democracy and freedom.  Without fail and without question, our enemies and all nations of the world must always know that the United States of America and Israel are of one mind, be it friend or foe.

Pastor Jentezen Franklin captures America’s support for Israel in his March 1, 2022 Jerusalem Post article
5 reasons Christians should always support Israel”

  •  God has promised to bless those who bless Israel
  •  Israel is a strategic ally — helping them helps us
  •  Israel shares our democratic values
  • Israel’s enemies are daily plotting their destruction
  • God Gave the Promised Land to the Jewish people as their eternal home

Energy, Innovation and Free Markets

The United States, and Texas in particular, has always led the world in energy and innovation.  By ending government interference in the economy and American industries, we will unleash the American entrepreneur to once again lead the world to new heights in technology, energy, efficiency and yes, sustainability and environmental stewardship.  For far too long, the Left has pursued their radical socialist agenda under the guise of global warming and then climate change.  The truth is, free from government intervention and dictates, American industries will more freely develop greater efficiencies and cleaner technologies because it’s good business.  

If we remove the constraints on American industries, our children will be able to enjoy the wealth that will be unlocked for American citizens and less dependent on the whims of other nations.

Protecting the 2nd Amendment…

I firmly believe that the Bill of Rights and, in particular, the 2nd Amendment is what has sustained the United State for these 250 years.  Without those protections, I believe we would have come under attack long ago either from within or by a foreign enemy.

The right to keep and bear arms not only protects all of our other rights, but also deters foreign invaders from attacking our great nation.  Even when our government has been viewed as weak, our nation and its citizens have always been regarded as strong. 

Never in our nation’s history has that been more evident than today.  President Biden’s weakness has emboldened our enemies and endangered our allies.  Those very enemies fear our “well regulated militia” as envisioned by our founding fathers and protected by our Second Amendment.

Our right to keep and bear arms has now become our obligation to preserve and protect our Republic, and it shall not be infringed.

From the 26th District,
For the 26th District

North Texas is my home.  I was born in Sherman, Texas in 1969 and moved to Denton in 1972 when I was three.  In 1984, at the age of fifteen, I worked tirelessly to elect Dick Armey as the first Republican in the 26th Texas Congressional District.  I earned a degree in Business Administration from the University of North Texas in 1990, served as the Executive Director of UNT Republican Victory ’90 and was a member of Campus Crusade for Christ.  I served as a Republican precinct chairman, and delegate to numerous local and state conventions.  

I was elected Denton County Commissioner, Precinct 3 in 1992, and again in 1996.  I was elected Denton County Judge in 2000.  I worked to cut the county tax rate, while providing increased services to a growing community.  I modernized our county road system, and leveraged our local dollars to build the state roads we rely on today – including IH 35E and 35W, SH 121 and 380, FM 2499, 1171, 3040 2181 and the bridge across Lake Lewisville.  I helped important non-profit organizations like PediPlace and the Children’s Advocacy Center of North Texas get their start in our community.

On March 10, 2001, I proposed to Carisa at Reunion Arena after a Dallas Stars hockey game, with future Dallas Stars Hall of Famer Derian Hatcher as my witness.  On September 29, 2001, we were married in Pilot Point, Texas at Calvary Baptist Church, where Carisa grew up.  All three of our children were born in Denton, and raised in Denton and Flower Mound.  We were members of Southmont Baptist Church in Denton and attended RockPointe Church in Flower Mound.  I believe my daughter Abbi still holds the 400m record at McKamy Middle School in Flower Mound.

It’s important that we elect representatives who have been a part of the fabric of our community, who have raised families here, worked here and served here.  We must elect a dedicated public servant who will bring our values to Washington to change Washington, not bring dictates back to us and expect us to conform.  The Members of Congress from the 26th District – Tom Vandergriff, Dick Armey and Michael Burgess – all had roots in our community, served their constituents first, and all remained in our community.  This district was and is their home.  

This district has always been, and will forever be, my home.  I come before you today as a member of this community, and I ask for your support and your vote in the upcoming March 2024 Republican Primary.

As Denton County Judge and County Commissioner from 1992-2002, I had the opportunity to put our conservative ideals into practice by cutting taxes while providing increased services to a growing county, promote economic growth and build the roads that we depend on today.  Under my leadership, we were able to help foster non-profit organizations like the Children’s Advocacy Center of North Texas and PediPlace to provide key services to our community as an alternative to more government bureaucracy.

From 2002-2009, I served as the Greater Southwest Regional Administrator of the U.S. General Services Administration, the federal agency that manages, property, equipment and contracting for the U.S. Government.  In all of the offices I have held, I led by example by cutting my office staff and budget.  As an elected official, I never accepted a pay increase until after the voters had the opportunity to evaluate my performance and hire me back.

After my GSA appointment ended, I embarked on a new career path in the Financial Services industry.  Today, I am a private wealth advisor with Ameriprise, and am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.  I am still in the business of being entrusted with other people’s money to make wise, responsible decisions to achieve a prosperous future.

For the last two decades, I have been so blessed to be able to focus so much of my time on my family.  Carisa and I raised three amazing children, and I was fortunate to have careers that allowed me to be there every step of the way.  I rarely missed a soccer match or a softball game and was always present to be a part of their lives.

So now, as my twin daughters are in their third year at Texas A&M, and Carisa and I are largely empty-nesters, I find myself with a renewed call to public service.  I look to Washington, D.C. with disappointment and frustration, as very few there seem to be serious-minded legislators interested in addressing the problems that they had a hand in creating.

It has been more than twenty years since Congress actually reduced the Federal Debt, and it has ballooned ten-fold since then.  I witnessed first-hand the painstaking labor and effort it took to accomplish that back then, as my father Majority Leader Dick Armey led the work of the U.S. House of Representatives.  I know what it will take to begin that work anew.

I believe the citizens and families of Texas Congressional District 26, the citizens and families of Denton County, Wise County and Cooke County, deserve and will elect a committed, conservative legislator from their own ranks to go to Washington to tackle the real and serious issues facing our nation.  I believe I have the track record, the understanding of the task at hand, and the lifelong commitment to our community to represent us in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Thank you so much for your consideration, and I ask for your support and your vote.


Scott Armey